Alexander Panic

Creative illustrator and graphic designer

Magazines and newspapers layout is my natural environment.
I worked in the most influential newspapers and magazines in Serbia in the position of art director.
In AdriaMediaGroup Serbia I worked on the design and redesign of all print editions as well as on the development of WEB releases.

Due to too much time spent on a regular job, I decided to change my job and now I work in a weekly magazine that has given me a great salary and conditions. Now I have too much time to use to try the upwork. 🙂

Now let me introduce my experience!

Field of expertise:
Magazine Layout Design, Newspaper Layout Design
– numerous magazines designed from scratch and several complete redesigns of the newspaper with circulation over 100,000 copies

Brochure / Catalog / Flayer /Business cards Design:
For these jobs I can assure you that I will finish them in a few hours

Logo design:
For these 20 years, I made 1,000+
Only a small part is in my portfolio. If you explain to me what you are dealing with, I will give you an idea for the logo in about ten minutes

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you within an hour. My regular work takes my time in the middle of the day, for all the other days I’m available 24 hours.

Thank you for your time and trust,

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