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Magazine Design

For 20 years I have specialised in the design and layout of magazines, and everything in between! I can provide you with any image, layout, template or design that you require for use on the web or through print.


My favourite job. I only need your data and design preferences,
and I will provide you a visual reflection of your data.

Logo design and beanding

“Aleksandar Panic did exactly what I was looking for, within a very short period. He gave me many different versions of the logo so that I could pick the best one. I would recommend him to anyone who wants speed and quality of work”

- Upwork Client's feedback -

Full Brand Identity

Branding for small and medium enterprises.
From the logo on the pencil to the graphics on the plane ...

Book Design

Give me a short version of your book and I'll bring it back to your cover page.
Also, I will offer a modern and clean interior page.

Brochures and flayers

Your organisation delivers a modern, unique and eye-catching flyer to advertise your successes and promotions. Simply provide me with a description of the brochure's& flyer’s purpose and content, and I will provide you with ideas within 20 minutes.